Broglia Sparkling Gavi

When you think of Sparkling wine, Champagne (French) probably comes to mind first.  If you look a little for value, you may think Prosecco (Italian) or Cava (Spanish).  If you have done your homework, you may remeber Cremant (French), Spumante (Italian), or Sekt (German or Austrian).  What you will not be at the top of your list is Sparkling Gavi.  Gavi is an Italian village and wine from the region of Piedmont in Northenrn Italy.  This wine is made completely from the Cortese grap, and can also be called Cortese di Gavi or Gavi di Gavi.  It is most known as a crisp still white with complex fruit and strong mineral notes.  It is often seen as one of Italy’s best.  Now, this is where this one gets interesting.  Opposed to the oft known still wines, this one from Broglia (this website is in Italian, so if you are like me, thank google for the translation) is Sparkling.  This happens to be one of the most elegant expressions of a flavor packed bubbly I have ever had.  This is a dry sparkler, but loaded with orchard, pit fruit, and citrus, I think of it as a fruit-forward alternative to Champagne.  Stop into the store and ask us about it.  We will be glad to rave about it.

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